Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota Weekend

Quick adventure to outwest, the 1st time in 4 years since I had been back in Colorado. Red eye Flight out of Charlotte. Alexis came along for the trip too, but she would end up spending most of her time in Boulder, Co.

1st stop after getting the rental car was getting an order of Vodoo Donuts. Colfax has changed a lot since the last time I was there. In Boulder, we located ben and Amanda’s new house right on the edge of the Flatiron open space. After abandoning Alexis, we picked up Bruce from his office and began the long drive up to through WY.
In the middle of the night the weather took a turn for the worst. I would barely make out the burning gaswell on the WY countryside as we drove through rain and fog. We all made the wise decision to stay a cheap motel in Gillette, WY. In the morning it we cold and wet, not the best conditions for climbing. I made some friends that the local NAPA while we got Ben new light bulbs. Free Coffee is always good.

We made it to Devils Tower and decided to alteast walk around and visit the area. During out walk we decided to change our original plans and just get to the top of the tower. No Longer would we attempt Madator , but get up the Diablo Crack. After some cold cracks, we got to the summit and stood alone. Probably a rare site, quiet and peaceful. Walking around the summit Ben found a huge buffalo skull.

After rapping the site, we had dinner in the campground below the tower. Full and tired we made our way to Custer, SD. Along the way we end up finding Mallo’s town and camp. In Custer, we setup our tent went immediately to bed.

In the morning it was full on Alpine conditions. Cold and cloud socked in towers. The granite spire loomed in front of us as we approached them. We tackled Khayyam Spire via God’s Own Drunk route.
But the time we hit the summit the weather had taken a turn for the better.

We descend and made our way to complete 1 more summit before the day ended. We were able to quickly make our way up Spire Four. Back at the car, Ben still had some spunk left in him and so he went up Tricouni Nail/Cerberus, I followed and we had to perform the separate simul-rap.

The next hike was a great hiking day, that allowed use to tag the highest point in SD. From hear, we were able to see the backside of mount rushmore. Afterwards, we made the long drive back to give a day to play around Boulder and Denver.

In boulder, we took Alexis out to the flatirons. She hiked to the top while Ben and I scrambled up freeway. For dinner, we headed into Denver and met up with Barnoff and Ashley. We had a great time playing in LoDo, or whatever the hell it is called now.

That night we took another redeye back, I landed and head straight into work. Rough.

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