Greenville – Weekend trip

A weekend exploration trip was instore for us as we decided to just run down the interstate to the small town of Greenvile. We attempted to stop at the BMW center, but they happened to be close on the weekends.

Within about 1.5 hrs we had pulled into Greenville area. We did a small wrap around and approach the town from the north. We came through the main drag of downtown and it was a very nice town. It felt like a very small big city. There street wound down the hill with lush green trees. At this point, I realized that the falls park was in the heart of the down town.
We pull along the road and hiked around the area, exploring all the nooks and small features. The park was filled with ducks. They were scatter all around the place.
We stop for a healthy lunch at a sandwich shop, this is where Alexis would base her future quinoa recipe. We walked the rest of downtown stopping in the shops along the way, distillery, toystore, general store, and icecream.

By then we have past the checking time and wander into the downtown hotel. We were put up near the top floor and had a nice outlook to the west of the city. That night we hit up the town, drinking and walking around. One of the more memorable bars was attached to our hotel. It was a speakeasy bar that provided awesome mixed drink in a prohibition style. That night we went alittle harder than expected. Alexis was feeling pretty rough in the morning. Her body was scatter all about the room.

I wokeup in the morning for the request for some Advil and statement that someone dying. After procuring the medicine from the front desk and delivering it, I went for quiet morning walk around town again. I got some coffee and took some more picture of the falls and duck.
By then Alexis had recovered some and we got food at Sulley Steamers, which had some great bagels. We drove north to Cesaers Head and took in the sights.

We then continue up into Dupont State Forest, to hike a water fall trail. We saw the 3-famous water in the area and sweated out the day before. We made our way back to Charlotte in the late afternoon.

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