Visitors to Colorado: Shelf Road to Eleven Mile

Fishing and Climbing

The second days adventure included Bobby, Nathan, Tyler and newly appearing Ben.  After feasting on breakfast and handing out the proper attire of the day.  We all packed up and tried to find somewhere where the weather was dry.  The only place that I knew of having the faintest of possibilities was Shelf r\Road.  And as luck would have it as we pulled into the Galleries parking lot, the cloud broke and the sun was shining. Continue reading “Visitors to Colorado: Shelf Road to Eleven Mile”

Cheesman Canyon

Cheesman Canyon

In the middle of July, I felt the need to get out of the town of Colorado Springs and just relax in the middle of a stream. I mentioned this to Paul and Lindsey and they were game to go on an canyon adventure for the afternoon. I decided to try out Cheesman Canyon, which is right next to Deckers, Colorado. Cheesman is known for it world class fishing and it hearty population of Cutthroat trout. Continue reading “Cheesman Canyon”

Fishing at Antero Reservoir

Antero Fishing

Antero Reservoir is the first in a chain of reservoirs in the middle of the high plains section of Colorado.  Located south of South Park and close to the mosquito range, the lake offers some awesome views of many mountain ranges.  Antero is one of the oldest reservoirs in Colorado and was formerly the location of a small lake.  The lake itself is still relatively shallow.  Average depth is about 6-8 feet deep and at its deepest only about 18-20 feet.   The lake boasts some of the best lake trout fishing around with an average trout size of about 17 inches and 2 lbs.   The lake maintains a cold water temperature year round, promoting a healthy rainbow trout population.  Weather can be very volatile as with anywhere that is high altitude.  During our day fishing, we had it go from calm winds to 35 mph gusts, which created whitecaps on the lake.

Continue reading “Fishing at Antero Reservoir”