West Virginia – New River- Fern Buttress

View from Fern.

New River Gorge was visited again but this time it would be a a focus on the sampling of the Fern Buttress and the Endless Wall. I drove up solo, having phone conversation with long lost friends who I begged to entertain me on my drive. I got to the a very pack and crowded ACC campground. It kind of a sad place to be now, after staying there back in the beginning when it was the wildwest. With a forgotten tent, I pulled the blazer into a open slot and sleep through the night. Continue reading “West Virginia – New River- Fern Buttress”

Sauratown: Trips and Ticklists

Approach up to to Sauratown for Climbing
I missed all the fun and festivities last when the CCC (Carolina Climbing Coalition) got access restore to the Sauratown Cliffs. This year it was made a point to get out there before things would close down. Also, if you somehow wandered to this post for Sauratown Beta (through google or other devilish search engineering methods), give the CCC a few bucks for getting access restored.

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