Sauratown: Trips and Ticklists

Approach up to to Sauratown for Climbing
I missed all the fun and festivities last when the CCC (Carolina Climbing Coalition) got access restore to the Sauratown Cliffs. This year it was made a point to get out there before things would close down. Also, if you somehow wandered to this post for Sauratown Beta (through google or other devilish search engineering methods), give the CCC a few bucks for getting access restored.

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Charlotte, Crabtree Fireworks, and Dunbar

Crabtree Fireworks

In the middle of July, the annual family reunion took place back on the farm. Everyone converges for the Crabtree Fireworks.  I flew into Charlotte and drove back up to Crabtree with Alexis.  Before heading back, I went to a standard trivia night at the FOX and HOUND.  I also lived and enjoyed the trophy lifestyle and hung out with cougars at the pool during the day.

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San Francisco and the Coastals

San Francisco and the Coastals

Directly in-between two work trips, I had a weekend off to go explore the west coast.   There were two stipulations though that had to fulfill before I was allow to go explore.  First, no earthquakes where allowed to take place while I was there (request from mom).  Second, I had to pick up a straggler at the airport whom would then follow me around for the weekend.

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Gog and Magog Rocks

Here be thy evil rocks

The last adventure before business week would took over was a spur of the moment “Find a way to get to the giant rocks above Manitou” hike.  I found out that these big towering boulders would be referred to as GOG and MAGOG, which is biblically known as evil.  I parked at Jimmy’s house and we decided on a plan of attack.   Since we didn’t know if a formal trail existed at the time, we created a “best guess” plan. Continue reading “Gog and Magog Rocks”