Obed, TN Trip


The Obed
I drove out from the city of Charlotte in the Blazer for the Lands of Tennessee. My Destination was set, I was head for the shangra-la of the Obed.  My need to visit was driven by the overheard stories of overhanging sandstone walls, rushing water, and vibrant deciduous forests.

West Virginia: Lower Meadow (Go Fish Luck)

Get Down to Get Up

It was time for a try-hard weekend, despite conflicts and weird weather. I piled the Jeep up with gear, and drove partner-less Friday night, time dragging on slowly with podcasts and Sheetz food.  As the latitude rose, the snow on the ground got deeper and my thoughts wavered.  Nevertheless, I committed to meeting Alex and Austin at the ACC campground and I do not bail. While pulling into the campground and seeing the 5-6 inches of snowy-icyiness packed on the ground, I knew Lady Luck would hold all the good cards this weekend and make or break it. The question was would she call out, “Go Fish” or hand us a set?

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