Crestone Needle and Peak: 14ers (Ellingwood Arete)

Crestone Needle and Crestone Peak

I had finally convinced Ben to climb the Ellingwood Arête up the Crestone Needle, and so we went the first Sunady in August.  We left the Springs early and drove down to the South Colony trailhead on Friday.  We 4×4-ed to the new lower 4-wheel drive trailhead and were on the hike up by 6pm, slogging along the old 4×4 path. We made camp above the Lower South Colony Lake in a grassy patch and settled in for a nights rest before an AM start.

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Grays and Torreys (Via Kelso Ridge) : 14ers

Kelso Ridge

Late July, I convinced Derek to finally hike a 14er with me.  We drove up in the pouring rain to the Grays Trailhead.  The Blazer powered through some steep rutted 4×4 roads, after watching a Subaru burn through its clutch.  Two and a half hours after leaving the house we were at the trailhead and settled in for a quick nap in the back of the blazer until 3:30am.

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