Gog and Magog Rocks

Here be thy evil rocks

The last adventure before business week would took over was a spur of the moment “Find a way to get to the giant rocks above Manitou” hike.  I found out that these big towering boulders would be referred to as GOG and MAGOG, which is biblically known as evil.  I parked at Jimmy’s house and we decided on a plan of attack.   Since we didn’t know if a formal trail existed at the time, we created a “best guess” plan. Continue reading “Gog and Magog Rocks”

Pikes Peak (14er)- The Crags/Devil’s Playground Route

Bottomless Pit of Pikes Peak

On Memorial Day, after a weekend of being very unhealthy, a small party of us decided to the hike Pikes Peak from the Westerly side. This came to be after a late night call on Sunday from Ben and Amanda looking for a hike. After deciding not to do the hellish 26 mile trek that is Barr Trail, we set off in the morning for the Crags of Pikes Peak.

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Mtn Biking above Williams Canyon

On the weekend, Jimmy and Paul wanted to go Mountain biking in the Canyon above Manitou. Since I was still out of commission, I volunteered to drive and take some pictures of the event. Snow and beers were involved.  Afterwards, on the drive back I took some pictures of the area, and played with some of the functions of my camera (focusing, flare, and HDR photos). More pictures after the jump.

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