To Yellowstone and Beyond


The journey started on Saturday where we picked up Pat & Garrett and headed from Denver to Thermopolis, WY. Wyoming had dinsoaurs, jackalopes, buffalos and cowboys perched alongside the highway to entertain us on our journey. Thermopolis is a small town with the world’s largest mineral hot spring (they proclaim this with white rocks on the hillside). After driving through town a few times lost, we finally found our campground where we’d pitch our tents in the median between two gravel roads. Classy camping (they had wifi and showers!). We quickly ate and headed over to the hotsprings and chose Starplunge! because it wasn’t in an enclosed igloo and it was open. The retro sign hinted at what was to come… To sum up the Star Plunge I can state the following, rickety, lack supervision, wild, sketchy, and fun. We retired for the night and fell asleep quickly

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Pikes Peak (14er)- The Crags/Devil’s Playground Route

Bottomless Pit of Pikes Peak

On Memorial Day, after a weekend of being very unhealthy, a small party of us decided to the hike Pikes Peak from the Westerly side. This came to be after a late night call on Sunday from Ben and Amanda looking for a hike. After deciding not to do the hellish 26 mile trek that is Barr Trail, we set off in the morning for the Crags of Pikes Peak.

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