Linville – The Mummy and Hiking Cambric Branch

The possibly of a bum knee was shoved deep into the back of my mind.  I would not cancel the scheduled adventure with neighbor Karson.  We had made plans to go hiking and exploring in the Linville gorge, while drinking at a neighborhood meetup.  Karson had all the good camping spots figured out in Linville, and I had knowledge of the climbing routes which he has not been on.

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Linville Gorge – Gold Coast, Sunshine Point

I was in need of an exploration weekend.  So Alexis and I took off for Linville in search of a rarely trekked trail on the western side of the Linville Gorge. The weather outlook that weekend was bleak and most people regulated themselves to stay indoors, but not us. We had our trusty rain-shells and were not afraid to get lost or wet in the wilderness. The goal for the trip was to locate “Sunshine Point” on a not so sunshiny day.
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Shortoff Mountain: The Circuit

Straight and Narrow (on left) Construction Job (on right)

Shortoff Adventures

Through some texts and random sequence of events, Mr. Alex Weir was going to grace NC again with his presence. Regardless of the failed previous attempts, we were able to meet up on the Sunday during the new Rumbling Bald comp. Since everyone and their dog was down in Lake Lure for the comp, so we had the pick of anywhere we wanted to climb at in NC. My choice was Shortoff, it’s as close to outwest alpine as we could get.

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