Crabtree Fireworks 2015

Quick decisions and fast-driving were the name of the game to make the call to get to PA for Crabtree Fireworks. After throwing the cat in the back of the car Friday afternoon, we made it to PA around midnight. We drove by the Roadhouse, and thought we saw some recognizable vehicles, but I did not stop. Sadly, I missed out on a heavy night of whiskey drinking.

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Dominican Republic Vacation

When presented with the opportunity to go to on vacation  – always take it, if you can. So when we got notified of my cousins upcoming wedding in the Dominican Republic (República Dominicana), we scrounged up some money and time and made our reservations. It not very often that one gets to hang out with so much family, let alone in a fun foreign environment. June came quickly and we hopped on a direct flight out of Charlotte to the DR.

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