Linville – The Mummy and Hiking Cambric Branch

The possibly of a bum knee was shoved deep into the back of my mind.  I would not cancel the scheduled adventure with neighbor Karson.  We had made plans to go hiking and exploring in the Linville gorge, while drinking at a neighborhood meetup.  Karson had all the good camping spots figured out in Linville, and I had knowledge of the climbing routes which he has not been on.

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Obed, TN Trip


The Obed
I drove out from the city of Charlotte in the Blazer for the Lands of Tennessee. My Destination was set, I was head for the shangra-la of the Obed.  My need to visit was driven by the overheard stories of overhanging sandstone walls, rushing water, and vibrant deciduous forests.

California (+ NV and UT) Road Trip – 2 Weeks

It had been awhile since Alexis and I had gone on a good extended adventure. She had a bunch of time off to use or lose before the end of the year, and I didn’t have a critical position at my current place of employment. So we set off on a 2 week road trip to live in a van and travel parts the southwest USA. (approximately 2800 miles of driving) Continue reading “California (+ NV and UT) Road Trip – 2 Weeks”