Obed, TN Trip


The Obed
I drove out from the city of Charlotte in the Blazer for the Lands of Tennessee. My Destination was set, I was head for the shangra-la of the Obed.  My need to visit was driven by the overheard stories of overhanging sandstone walls, rushing water, and vibrant deciduous forests.

Mount Lindsey (14er)

Lindsey and Mount Lindsey (hiding in the clouds)

One of the last weekends in July, everyone (Lindsey, Alison, Jimmy, Z, Dave and myself) finally had a flexible enough schedule for us all to climb Mount Lindsey (14,042 ft) together. Although the drive to the mountain was a great adventure on its own, we all were able to meet up at the same location around the same time (even though some left hours ahead of the others). The first dirt road was a lot of fun driving in at night. Not knowing how steep the dropoffs were or how deep the streams were added to the excitement. On a couple occasions, I needed to get out and wade though the water to make sure the Blazer would make it.
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Wayback Wednesday #2

Exploring Moab

Wayback in the spring of 2009, Paul and I took a trip out to Moab, Utah to join Ben and Amanda on some desert adventures. The trip out to Utah from Colorado Springs was a very grueling drive, which caused us to make an emergency nap-stop in Fruta, Colorado on the top of a dinosaur mountain.  Once crossing into Utah the next morning, we were greeted by the “Eagles on Highway” sign, which Ben had first hand experience with the previous night by almost running over one in the dead of night. Continue reading “Wayback Wednesday #2”