California (+ NV and UT) Road Trip – 2 Weeks

It had been awhile since Alexis and I had gone on a good extended adventure. She had a bunch of time off to use or lose before the end of the year, and I didn’t have a critical position at my current place of employment. So we set off on a 2 week road trip to live in a van and travel parts the southwest USA. (approximately 2800 miles of driving) Continue reading “California (+ NV and UT) Road Trip – 2 Weeks”

Atlanta – World of Coke and Georgia Aquarium

We drove down directly after work to the sprawl that is Atlanta and fittingly, stayed the night in one of sprawl centers called the Perimeter. The first order of business was to check out a gamer bar called “Battle and Brew.” It was hopping for being in the middle of strip-mall. People were geeking out on the computer towers playing WOW, LOL, Smite, or some type of Mmorpg, (wth.roflol). I drank the elixir of the Dark Blood of the Overload in Darkness (Rum and Ginger beer) and played Chuthlu Flux, before calling it a night. Continue reading “Atlanta – World of Coke and Georgia Aquarium”