Denver Aquarium

Friendly Neighborhood Blowfish

Since everyone likes to go snowboarding on the weekends and I’m still banned,  I talked to Paul and we decided to check out the Denver Aquarium.  I’ve been wanting to go to the aquarium for a long time (also, I needed some more places to fill out my foursquare account).  To make the most of it, I decided to bring along my camera and snap some pictures of the fishes. Continue reading “Denver Aquarium”

Mtn Biking above Williams Canyon

On the weekend, Jimmy and Paul wanted to go Mountain biking in the Canyon above Manitou. Since I was still out of commission, I volunteered to drive and take some pictures of the event. Snow and beers were involved.  Afterwards, on the drive back I took some pictures of the area, and played with some of the functions of my camera (focusing, flare, and HDR photos). More pictures after the jump.

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Breaking the Clavicle

Welp, around February 6th, I had the unfortunate pleasure of breaking my collar bone (or clavicle). The whole weekend started out pleasant enough, but soon took a turn for the worse.  I was riding Echo Mountain with my buddies Ben and Aaron.  Ben suggest it was a good place to ride because it was kinda setup like a hybrid of Tussy and Big Bear (a couple runs and features all over the place).   Ben was doing some work for “chill” as well, and it was only Aaron 3rd or 4th time riding a board.

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