Las Vegas: Red Rocks 2018

1st solo rock trip in a while was to meet up with Joe V. out in Vegas for a desert crush-fest. Well what end up at the end of the trip was definitely some crushings. Joe had a business trip out there for the prior week and we were going to roll this in a red rocks trip. I flew in on a Friday morning and was immdediately fed some in/out burger.

From here, we b-lined it to Red Rocks to get some of the climbing movements and desert rock experiences re-engrained. We made it to the 2nd pool out after some parking issues, and hiked up to quick run up the big red corner. After a slog up hill, we made it to the base and were sad to see a troop of gumbies, figuring out their life on the climb. We decided to bail and went back down into a corridor to climb some glassy crimps at the Sweet pain wall.

That night, we made it and checked into the Airbnb, which was a sad Vegas Timeshare complex. It was good enough for a vegas bivy. Then we had to go and turn in Joe’s work rental and exchange it for a shady 3rd party rental car company, which was located in a strip map and next a check cashing place.
The next day, winds were very high reporting up 30-40mphs gusts. We made our way out to redrocks anyways near the Mescalito area to see what type of stuff we could get on. From the parking lot, we rush out, with birdland in plain view. The entire hike in not a soul was scene, but as we got 30 ft within the base a part was seen just beginning the 1st pitch. This end up being a guided party, so we decided to stick it out and follow/attempt to past them. Birdland is a 4 start 5.7 climbing. Great protection interesting moves. That night we got food for tomorrow push at the eagle wall.

The next morning, 4am start we made our way to up the oak creek canyon from the main pull out. The hike in to the canyon was great. Full moon and yipping coyotes made it very memorable. At day break we were just beginning up the draining, rock hopping and boulder scrambling. The approach was pretty physical and long considering we didn’t want to take the 5th class or sketchy 4 class approach. Eventually we made it the wholeway up the canyon, to the 2 large pine trees. From here, we saw the deathslab approach. We start up the slab and got to the middle, where we had a to come to terms with what we wanted to risk. Eventually we decided that we weren’t going to make the unprotected slab move with 40lbs packs. So we made our way back down the gulley. It end up being a blessing, because as we got back to the car, we saw that storm cloud had form up in the basin which would have made it a bad day. The afternoon we went and fooled around on Plumbers crack. That night as consolation prize we went out to the Wynn buffet, catching both brunch and dinner.

The next day we tried CC and had another long epic day of hiking. We made the approach quick, but were again impacted by a troop of people already on route. I started to get cold as the route was in the shade the entire day. But up on the 3rd pitch the previous group bailed, and took a while for them to get through causing me to freeze even more. At that time to pulled out my im done card to Joe. We rapped out as well and booked it back to the car. That night we drank a lot of beer and watch band of brothers and 300.

At the end of trip, although fun in parts, I am over trying to climb in Red Rocks. I would rather put energy in to something else.
The list:

    Bro Spraylords
    Slow Gumbies
    Polished Choss
    Confusing ass hikes
    IPAs that aren’t IPAs
    Ghetto Car rentals
    “nice” airbnb
    Bacon Eggs and Cheese Sandwiches with no cheese
    Shitty Approaches
    Douche Zara
    “good Weather” – Rain in the Desert
    Dog poop bags on trails
    KOOKS at the Kraft
    Chossy “classics”

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