Rumbling Bouldering Comp 2018 – Van Testing

For the bouldering competition at Lake Lure, I was able to take out the new Graham Sprinter and take it for a camping test drive. KC was able to tag along for the weekend and we met up with Tim, who was working the safety crew. The competition was moved from Saturday to Sunday do to rain.

We drove Saturday an partook in some of the festivities. Free beer and swag from vendor tents made it a nice hang out. KC put the stove top of the Sprinter to the test by grilling some brauts. It was calm night for all purposes, but the DJ was really rocking in to the night.
Early the next day, the sun was out the pad people were piling up the mattresses. The school buses were loaded up to the top, and people were carted to the entrance lot. The speech was given and the boulders were release off into the woods. We casually made up way up thorough the throngs of pebblewreslers. It was quiet impressive to see the amount of people yelling and thrashing themselves up the small rocks.

Through out the day were would come upon random groups of people that we knew and then other times be swarmed by a mass of people all trying to climb 1 problem. By the end of the day, we were pretty sick of the crowds. The ending ceremonies were pretty relaxed as we hung by the Legion Beer tent. We made the decision to camp out 1 more night in the van, even though a majority off the other climbers were pulling out that night. Tim stayed around to hang out and drink with KC and I. We end up being 3 dudes in a van drinking and playing card games.
That next morning turned out weather wise to be completely terrible. We packed up with easy, because the van was awesome and made our way back to Charlotte for presidents day.

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