New Years – Chattanooga 2018

For new years we decided to go to Chattanooga again, as a bunch of other Charlotte people were going there too. I had a brief layover in Charlotte, before heading out on I40 to reach Chattanooga.

We got a very cool little Airbnb the was in the middle of the Northshore area and was attached to a DryCleaning Shop. The Place was everything that we could have wanted. They cater to climbers, big bed, fresh clean sheets, and an amazing shower. Huge tile shower room with bench and cobble floors.

The next day we got up kind early and were able to coordinate with Alex Weir to go climbing for the day at Twall. Alexis had some PSTD with hike up to the base of the wall. Even with the early start, the majority of the moderate classics were already slammed with ungamely top ropes. We were able to climb a 1 sandbagged classic FingerLockingGood, nice 5.7 for Alexis and some short finger crack. At the time we were walking out we stumbled into Alex, Shane and his buddy. They convinced me to get on Hungry for Heaven which worked me over pretty well, but still clawed my way to the top. The day endup being the best weather of the trip, it was clear and warm at the base of the wall.

That night we stopped at the winery on the hill we visited last year and was able to sample their pizza. The crust was really good.
The next day, we decided to the join the bouldering crew and check at a new location called Little Rock City aka Stone Fort, which is located on a golf course. I was able to barrow a pad from BK, who had just arrived in the golf course the same time we did. We met up with Rob and tagged along with them to get a nice sample tour of area. The weather was pretty brutally cold, and there was no sun. The overcast sky had chilled over the whole area. We toughed it out and got warmed up on a bunch easier stuff. By that time, a bunch of other people started to show to boulder as well. The highlighted memory was of Rob walking me around and putting me on a bunch of excellent 4/5s.

We left a bit earlier from everyone else because we want to link the day into a trip to the Chattanooga Aquarium. The aquarium was impressive with but saltwater and freshwater exhibits. A top the saltwater, exhibit they had a scary to Alexis butterfly room and a sea kitten petting exhibit. The top of the freshwater exhibit has a bunch of river otters.

That night we celebrated at one of the Charlotte people house. Light drinking and getting BK all riled up about the Blacksburg crew.
The last day, we tagged along with Alex and Shane to go check out another new area called Denny Cove. This was new area just opened up on the weekend which host some pretty cool walls. The hike was nice and rolling dipping in out of the hardwoods. At the far end, we were able to take a look at hidden large water fall. By the end of that day we decide, it was a good time to head out and hit the road.

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