Kentucky Weekend: Lexington and the Red

Quick weekend trip up to KY in November turn out to be quiet nice and warm. I tried out and rented a 100-400mm lens from canon to play with. We left from Charlotte on Friday and stay in Knoxville for the night.

At 6am, we woke up got our breakfast and made our 3hr drive to the Woodford Reserve. The morning encompassed lots of singing and karaoke. As we got closure, we swung by the a horse farm near Woodford reserve. This would end up being American Pharoah’s stable, we thought we saw him in the mists of the morning, but later we found out that he was shipped to Australia.

At the distillery tour, we found a cat and where their previous cat liked to hang out. I end up buying a bottle of special additional Woodford with cherry wood to compare my own recipe.

After this we did a horse tour of the area. Stopping at several large farms and partures. We learned alot on how weird and expensive horsing is as a hobby. We also stopped at the race track briefly as well.

Then we drove down to the enterance to the red before it got to late. We arrived at cool house in Bowen KY. Joe and Linda, were our hosts. They offered us to come into the house and gave us fresh brownies and coffee. They were extremely nice folks. We stayed in there renovated barn with a 8 person hottub in the back. We spent some time that night at the fire by their house, and learn that Joe had bike across the us twice in 60s and 90’s. He also walked across the US on stilts. He has carried the Olympic flame twice. He gave a signed copy of his book.

In the morning we start the tour of the Red River Gorge. We drove through the tunnel and almost retrace my very first experience at the Red ( We parked at the crowded trailhead and walk to the Military wall. We climbed several route and Alexis got some good practice.
Afterwards, we drove the rest of the loop stopping at different views and points of interest (chimney Top and skybridge). During sunset, we manage to take the trail above the Nada Tunnel. Alexis smartly found a side trail that let us get some good picture of the sunset.

We gave Alexis a proper meal at Miguel’s Pizza. That nice we got to put on some fun face masks to help out our skin. We drank Champagne and hottub and looked at the fancy picture books (heavy machines and Canada.

The drive back to Charlotte was long. We stopped for break at Hidden Valley, VA. We couldn’t see much a storm had smashed into the mountain and socked it in. I took some pictures and had lunch/dinner in Abington.

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