2 Weekends at the New – Muggy Fall

October in WV, and I expected crisp and cool days climbing bullet hard sandstone. Oh, how the weather can change on a dime, and make it a completely different experience.

Weekend 1, I rolled up there solo to stay at Caleb’s. Alex W. was headed down from PA and met use in the morning. For a fall day, we were near the 80 degree mark. We head down to fern buttress and took turns getting pounded on Fall Line. The pump factor was real on this thing, and the slopers at the top were having none of us.
We scramble out of there in the afternoon and headed over to Cotton Top in the for my first experience. Somehow it got hotter and greasier. I took a burn on “psychowrangler” and had yet another experience with barely attached bolt hangers. I handed tighten it and kept it together until the anchor where I proceed to peel out. We finished the day with some greasy 11 fitness.
Sunday, we attempted to go to white wall cause of some light rain. Oh, how the wetness soaked in. The wall was in a literal cloud of moisture. We played on “Dining at the Alter”. Alex impressively got to the top of it clean. I tore my index finger nail off.
Weekend 2: I rode up with Kimberly and Joe on Saturday morning. We attempted butchers branch, but it was slammed. We then headed over to “Thunderstuck” area where Joe wanted to practice some filming. I was luckily to be the test subject. Took me 3 goes to get it. Joe filmed it twice. I and was getting spent by the last take.

We then went over to 1st buttress, and Joe filmed the “Haulage” as well. The next day we made the poor decision to go over to fern buttress as the heat destroyed us again. I got throttled on Just Send It.

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