Buddy Blake was a bachelor, and everyone needed to have a reason to party. So it was decided that Blake would be getting a bachelor party at the New River Gorge. Blake-a-plooza was born.

I drove up Friday afternoon and got to the cabin around 7PM. The drive in the blazer was quick but it was very warm out and having no A/C made it feel long. The Friday night was quite calm in all regards, people were filtering in from the drive up or from cragging that day. Spencer put on some Rick and Morty and it was enjoyed by all. Then Alex Myers showed up and was ready to rock. Armed with an AIR HORN and Smirnoff ice, Alexis kick the evenings nuts into gear. The game of boom was introduced to me and heavy PBR drinking ensued.
The next morning the causalities amassed. A game plan was made to head to the south-side of the meadow, to Area 51, to hanging out for the day. Blake-a-plooza power tanks were then presented to all attendees. Group Photo time. People Played on “made in the shade”, while I have a data with “Cage Match” again.

Slightly hung over, I didn’t have high expectation, but I knew I could get to the top if I could just get to the body cam and no rest.
Cage Match use all of my tricks in the book. Crimps, lungs, kneebars, body locks, hand jams, ringlocks, jug tugging, and tall reaching. Joe was luckily not so hung over that he was able to jug a fixed line that Sam had put up.
Afterwards, we all head over to the brilliant pebble to chuck ourselves at the lines there. 17 dudes in power tanks made for a hungover and psyche generating site. “Grey Goose”, “Brown Star”, and “One for the Gipper” all were thrown at.

We finished the daylight at the river side drinking and posting up. Later that night more, partying ensued for the bachelor party, but we did not get back to the cabin in time to get a ride to southern X on the bus. Some managed to scramble to get a car ride, but other just passed out.

The ride back to Charlotte turned out to be pretty rough. Alex M rode back with me and the Blazer start to experience severe over heating problems. We got stuck at the Sheetz in Beckley for a bit. Barely made it up and over to the toll road on the interstate. Got extra Water from a service truck. Luckily Katie and Jeff were driving back and we abandoned the Blazer in Wytheville, Va. I would have to formulate a plan to get it back later in the week.

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