Crabtree Fireworks 2017

Crabtree firework again, this time we brought a friend from Charlotte along as well. Nora joined us for the quick whirlwind weekend trip up to Crabtree. We peeled out of Charlotte late Friday and pull in around 1AM at night. The R-POD was setup and ready, so we fell right asleep.

In the morning, we stirred up some breakfast and hung around the house in the morning. After taking a couple quick quad rides around the farm, we hop in the car and went up to Indiana PA. Tom brought us out the potato gun. After having a nice science experiment and lesson, we launch some pumpkins up into the sky. Only one of them to a unexpected trajectory.
Then quick tour of IUP and the Meadows, led us to stopping at the Distillery in Homer City. It turned up to be super nice.

Afterwards when we got back to the house, we shot some guns and then took a nap. Nora had scope and muzzle-loader incidence.

The party was a lot of fun. Volleyball, Chalk drawings, drink of Bryanna’s mojitos, rafter racing, drinking lockoffs, and tree climbing. Josh, Dene and Ella where there as well. Ella took control of the camera for a while.

At night, we piled in to the tractor and wagons. Eric driving one, Tyler driving the other. Magically Tyler ended up running over all the farm machinery in the cow field in the best possible scenario.

The next morning we piled in and drove down to town to watch the booms.

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