4th of July Float and USWWC

Sam had a float trip down along the Catwaba River that I was invited too.  I had lucky come into the temporary possession of a kayak from James at work.  All before spending time at the USWWC

The float trip was slow and fun, lots of beer drinking and revelry.  The sucky parts were when we need to tow some tubing people around.   There was some stand up paddle boarding..  Rope swinging.  And at the very end i end up sinking the kayak in a small rapid.    I got drag low in the water.,pinned on a rock.  Luckily Bryan Bilbo came by in a tube, and toss him my dry bag and cooler.  Kimbery ended eating my fruit snacks while I was trying to drain my boat.  All that was lost was 1 cushe shoe. RIP

USWCC, Alexis made it back to Charlotte after eating many many black raspberries in PA. We spent the day at the deep water solo wall.  I rocked my new oakley shades, Eyeshade 2014.   I tried the 2nd and 1st hardest routes for the 1st hr. Getting super pumped, but having a blast.  Yellow route was all slopers, and took my 2nd go to figure out the top crux.   Purple took some more tires with the dyno down low.  once figured out, I end up fall off the 2nd to last move twice.  The last 45 mins was a dead sprint 7 times up a green route. 

I end up with 5th place and a free hat.  Also a stainless steel cup because i had sick shades.   The intermission in the rain was fun.  Where we play games on the lawn to will beer.  Rob and I did the re-verse piggy front.  Did awful at the handstand competition.   The pool noodle spear throwing I came a close 3rd.  

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