Looking Glass – Fall Climbing Southside

Fall was here and it’s time to go to the mountain and enjoy the crisp cold air of the season. Alexis decided to tag along with me on the weekend trip up to Brevard. We left Charlotte in the Blazer, this would be its first be road trip in a while.

We left Saturday afternoon, after putting a new muffler and brakes on the blazer. We pull in to Oscar Blues late after dark and grabbed a couple beers.   There was a good showing of people at the brewery.  1 funny memory is leaving the warehouse, and pulling out and blasting a poor guy with the headlights. He was stuck peeing into knowing that this is his life now.

We drove back into the state forest and slept alongside the gravel road in the back of the blazer. The sleep was cold and deep.  This was Alexis’s first experience sleeping in the blazer. In the morning, we a woke to some sunshine and mist.  Coffee was made on the hood of the blazer, while pretty birds chirped.

We met Joe, Kimberly, and Bryan at the trail head.  Here a plan was formulate, and I got really confused.  During all the talk, I thought I was being shoved to go away and climb by myself.  But eventually, it was cleared up and Alexis, Kimberly and I went down to the Southside of Looking Glass.  We wonder up to the base of the climb, the girls made easy work of it while I was huffing and puffing.  We climbed some slabby routes, Windwalker and Fat DOG.

Eventually the other parties made it over to the southside as well.   Chris Massey and Josh Lipko were climbing around us as well enjoying the nice sunny day.

I threw myself on top rope on “Mettle Detector”, which would prove to be a great route to come back to at some point.  We finished out the day with a stop for BBQ and some cobbler.

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